Reduced workload for teachers

We are very impressed as a school with the platform we use with our children and have been amazed with the reduced workload for teachers and the impact it has had on our KS2 children's performance.

Wouldn't be without!

I wouldn't be without in UKS2! A great resource for year 6 teachers.

Love the reports it produces

We have set two tasks and so far they've been brilliant! Really useful for the kids but also for me - love the reports it produces to show what they need to cover. More of them will be using it today but it looks fab!

Really positive impact on our Year 6 children

I've found already that it is having a really positive impact on our Year 6 children and look forward to seeing the impact it will have on whole school.

Worth the money!

If you haven’t signed up already, @primarymaths is well worth the money.

Resources go a long way to help with SATs revision

We’re very grateful to be part of this wonderful team. Your resources will go a long way to help our children in revising for the upcoming SATs.

Phenomenal impact on children's understanding

The impact that your website has on our children’s understanding is phenomenal.

Allows children to pinpoint what they need to learn

We have used and for a number of years now. Both so supportive. The assessment tools allow children to really pinpoint what they need to learn. Teachers are grateful for the question level analysis.

Amazing resource!

It’s an amazing resource. Children complete assessment style questions and then it will highlight areas / questions individual children are struggling with.

Create bespoke assessments

These assessment tools allow teachers to create bespoke assessments and have the added bonus of providing the error analysis.

Wow! Didn't expect this kind of service!

Wow! Didn't expect this kind of service on a cold, dreary Tuesday evening!! 
Thank you so much. Very much appreciated.

Minimises teacher workload

Highly recommend for minimising teacher workload. Our pupils enjoy having homework which they can complete on devices too.

Year 5 are loving the tests!

Year 5 are loving the tests on This morning we’re doing another statistic test.

Totally impressed!

@primarymaths is really worth looking at. We’ve been using it for a while now. Totally impressed.

We really loved our free trial

We have really loved using during our free trial and would like to pay for the full KS1 and KS2 subscription.

Useful for consolidating learning

This morning we have consolidated our learning in maths from the start of term using I was so impressed with the scores and how much new learning the children had remembered.

My class like the test every week!

I love using with my class. They like the test every week and it helps me identify any gaps in learning.

No other company offers this level of support re set up

Fantastic, thank you so much for your support with this. No other company offers this level of support re set up. It's very appreciated. Thanks again.

Extremely informative zoom

The Zoom was extremely informative and helpful, I really enjoyed it.

Websites helped us get amazing SATs results

Firstly we want to thank you for helping us get some amazing results last year with our SATs. The spag and maths websites both helped us tremendously so thank you.

Saves so much time!

These @primarymaths tracking sheets are so useful. I’m having to set targets on my school reports this year and being able to copy and paste flagged areas of difficultly from these grids is saving so much time. Very much bespoke to each child too.

We love it!

We use @primarymaths and we love it!

Great for identifying gaps is great for identifying gaps.

Really helpful zoom

The zoom was really helpful and a good use of my time - I feel ready to conquer the assessment tool now!

A wonderful membership to be a part of!

Thank you again for your help and support. Already I am finding a wonderful membership to be a part of!

Fantastic feature

That's a fantastic feature - creating your own tests.

I like that I can keep track of each pupil

I like that I can keep track of each pupil, that it identifies gaps easily and how I can create tailor made individual papers based on those gaps.

Huge potential to decrease teacher's workload has huge potential to decrease teacher’s workload. I no longer have to mark arithmetic and reasoning tests as the computer does it for me & the website also tells me who is on track & who isn’t.

A big digital library of questions ... marked instantly

I am loving my trial with @primarymaths. A big digital library of questions to choose from, all can be answered on an iPad and it is marked instantly so the children can see where they went wrong.

Amazing customer service!

That's fabulous- thanks! I must say customer service has been amazing for this website.

Amazing platform!

Thank you for all your support we asked for last week! Very supportive and helpful team! is such an amazing platform that makes assessment gap analysis easy to access and use.

Great to see where gaps in learning are

We are currently trialling It’s great to see where the gaps in the learning are for the class.

Definitely be renewing our subscription!

We have really found really useful and we will definitely be renewing our subscription!

Tremendous in supporting assessments and for gap analysis!

Your platform is amazing, and it is tremendous in supporting our assessments and gap analysis.

And on a Sunday!

Great, thank you for all your help and on a Sunday!

Really helpful for identifying gaps in pupil knowledge

Thank you, that is really helpful for our return to school and identifying gaps in pupil knowledge. We really like the tracking facility and analysis of objectives. Thanks for providing such a great resource!

Great resource for a great price!

It's a great resource for a great price.

Useful for home-learning

We're … finding it very useful to set work for home-learners after teaching.

Impressive questions!

… browsing through I am impressed with the questions …

Customer service, second to none!

Thanks again - your customer service has been second to none!

Programme is fantastic!

Another 100 child accounts please ... the programme is fantastic so wish to roll it out across the whole school.

Good for retrieval practise and kids love it!

If you haven’t subscribed to then you are missing out. The tests, I call them quizzes, are brilliant and really useful and good for retrieval practise. They respond really quickly too if you need any help. The kids love it!

Phenomenal customer service!

Can’t fault the phenomenal customer service from @primarymaths … Can’t wait to see its impact on our remote provision!

Brilliant quizzes!

We have also started using @primarymaths to set quizzes which are brilliant.

Simple to use

... it is really simple to use. We are impressed.

Made a huge difference!

We have been using this today, amazing service and has made a huge difference today.

Impressive customer service!

Thank you very much - impressive customer service on a Saturday evening!

Saves time on marking and collates data!

Fantastic resource. Used it during the autumn term to good effect. Well pitched questioning and saves massive amount of time on marking and collates data to identify individual and class gaps. Would have saved me countless hours in past years!!

Great service!

Thanks so much - what great service.

Year 6 children love it!

A great resource and our Year 6 children love @primarymaths!

Impressive content!

Very impressed with the content ...

Fantastic resource!

Looking forward to launching Primary Maths Assessments online in our school! Fantastic resource!

Teachers love it, parents love it, and so do kids!

Especially during CV19, it really suits us for homework and makes progress monitoring so easy! Teachers love it, parents love it, and so do kids!

Children enjoy using it!

We’re ... really pleased with the functionality/questions, etc. The children enjoy using it and it works well for our needs.

Exactly what we need!

I think this is exactly what we need in school right now to check on learning and identify children for intervention.

A dream for a teacher to use!

... once again thank you and congratulations to all involved it really is a dream for a teacher to use - I love it.

Saves teachers prep/marking hours! Amazing!!!

If this is even half as useful as (and it looks like it totally is), it will save hundreds of Y6 teacher prep/marking hours! Amazing!!!

So excited to have found this!

All set up! So excited to have found this - I remember speaking to one of your team a number of years ago about how amazing a maths version would be!

Loving the data that provides!

I have to say I’m loving the data that provides!!!!

Good quality questions!

I really think it is excellent. It's so comprehensive, in particular for the children in younger year groups where good quality questions can be hard to come by.

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